WOW MKTG wins Telly Awards for exceptional AD Campaigns

Coral Gables, FL – June 5, 2024 – WOW MKTG, a full-service marketing agency based in Coral Gables, FL, proudly announces that it has won eight prestigious Telly Awards, including two People’s Telly Awards voted on by the general public, for its outstanding ad campaigns. These accolades highlight the agency’s excellence in creative storytelling and impactful marketing strategies for high-profile clients, including UHealth’s Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center and CVS Pharmacy y más.

“We are thrilled to receive these Telly Awards,” said Jose ‘Pepe’ Dans, founder and president of WOW MKTG. “They are a testament to the hard work, keen vision and creativity of our amazing team. We are especially proud to win these awards for our clients, whose trust and collaboration are integral to our success. At WOW MKTG, our mission has always been to create campaigns that not only captivate audiences but resonate on a deeper level and leave a memorable image long after the ad is done.”

“Each project allowed us to project the cultural nuances and compelling storylines that define our communities,” added Felix Castro, vice president of creative services, who oversaw all three productions. “It’s incredibly rewarding to see our efforts recognized and to know that our work resonates with so many people.”

The award-winning ads include:

UHealth’s “Only Sylvester”
“Only Sylvester ” was recognized with 4 awards: one Gold and three Silver, including a People’s Telly that is voted on by the general public. The campaign tells the powerful stories of three individuals—a younger woman, a middle-aged woman, and a middle-aged man—who are diagnosed with cancer. The ads depict their shock upon hearing the diagnosis and their decision to seek treatment at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center. The narrative emphasizes the supportive and expert care provided by the Sylvester team who walk with them every step of the way, illustrating how these patients are guided back to health and the moments they most cherish in life, such as dancing with a spouse, walking on the beach, or enjoying a carefree car ride with their head out the window.

CVS Pharmacy y más “This is Us”
This heartwarming holiday commercial for CVS Pharmacy y más in Puerto Rico won three Silver awards, including a People’s Telly. Shot on location in San Juan, is another celebration of the rich traditions of the Hispanic community. It showcases Santa Claus, the Three Kings, and the folkloric vejigante characters shopping, browsing, smelling perfumes, and preparing for the holidays at CVS Pharmacy y más. All the characters line up at the cash register as the clerk looks perplexed by the unusual visitors. The commercial beautifully conveys the message that CVS Pharmacy y más brings all traditions to life, creating a magical and welcoming holiday shopping experience.

CVS Pharmacy y más “In the Barrio”
“In the Barrio” was honored with a Silver award. This captivating ad celebrates the vibrant essence of a Hispanic neighborhood shopping experience. Inspired by the musical “In the Heights,” the campaign seamlessly blends cultural homage with modern-day convenience. Meticulously shot on location in Miami and Mexico City, the spot features enchanting imagery of a woman walking through a picturesque “barrio” adorned with colorful papel picado flags, vibrant flowers, and bustling artisan kiosks that evoke a nostalgic reminder of home. By merging the traditional feel with the modern amenities of CVS Pharmacy y más, the spot effectively bridges the gap between past and present, offering a shopping experience that is both practical and rich in cultural significance.

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