Time to Digitize Brick-and-Mortar Businesses

By Xavier Castaneda, Interactive Production Director

The pandemic has impacted businesses across every industry in the U.S., particularly hitting small businesses the hardest. While larger retail chains already offered online delivery, mom-and-pop businesses were not prepared. Many of them counted on foot traffic as their livelihood. The truth is that while online ordering and e-commerce platforms seem like a daunting enterprise, there are many services that can have your store online within days.
If you sell merchandise or have a restaurant, the options can be overwhelming. Do you have a website built or do you use an existing service? That choice depends on your preference. Do you want complete control of your site or is turnkey a safer play? Here are some service providers:

  1. Shopify: Easy to set up and customize at a manageable monthly cost (plus transaction fees)
  2. BentoBox: This will help you get your online ordering and delivery up and running.
  3. GrubHub or Uber Eats

If you prefer a completely custom user-experience and full control of your online store, consider having your website professionally designed and built by a reliable agency. It will take longer but you will have a unique site that matches your business.

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