The Shift in Digital Media Consumption in The New Normal

By Diego Naranjo, Digital Media Director

It feels like we hear the phrase “unprecedented times” too often these days, but when was the last time you “sheltered in place” for 100+ days?

During this time, we have seen a dramatic shift in media consumption. Time spent streaming video content and connecting with family and friends via social media is at an all time high. From Tiger King fury on Netflix to Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu, Americans of all kinds are spending hours of their time in front of their TV or mobile device watching movies and programming. This presents unique targeting opportunities to get your message in front of targeted audiences as they enjoy their new favorite pastime. So why not consider testing a CTV (connected TV) campaign that allows you to place advertising in just about every video platform except for Netflix (which does not accept advertising)?

And it’s not only professionally produced programming that is enjoying the consumption boom. For the first time, we are seeing family produced TikTok videos and people learning new skills on YouTube. We are seeing these spikes across all demographics, meaning: all cultures, age groups, geographies and household configurations. It does not seem that COVID-19 is going anywhere either, so these new habits are here to stay for the time being. The good news for marketers is that these platforms also accept advertising and are not out of reach even for small or local businesses. These tools are not only great at generating awareness, but they help to attract new audiences that you perhaps are missing with your existing media plan.

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