Reopening the Workplace: Communicate with Returning Employees

By Diana Delgado, Communications Director

For company leaders moving from a fully-staffed central office to a work-from-home set up during the current pandemic, caused a seismic shift in the way they communicated with their employees. Having a streamlined plan for internal communications became of the utmost importance, in the beginning, and throughout the quarantine period. However, as businesses slowly reopen in a new normal, efforts toward internal communication cannot let up. Messaging now has to shift to making employees feel safe and comfortable in returning to the office. We recommend taking these three things into consideration:

1) Explain what you’re doing to make them safe (this includes cleaning, masks, unique scheduling)

2) Resources you’re making available to them (such as providing masks, open-door policy/line of communication with leaders)

3) Be transparent about future plans (through team meetings, internal newsletters)

For employees, knowing that company leadership has their best interests (and by default their families too) is important.

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