Reinventing In-Person Events for Social Distancing

By Yoly Solano, Event Marketing Director

With social distance guidelines in place, event planners are focused on reinventing their approach to corporate events and nonprofit fundraisers. Events that drive successful fundraising and engagement immerse guests in experience and emotion with the use of decor, entertainment, and in-person interactions.

Now, organizations are rethinking the celebration of their mission and their largest fundraisers of the year, replacing the typical “sit-down gala dinners.” The notion of coming together still creates the highest impact for a fundraiser, pulling at the heart-strings and creating emotion that inspires giving to an organization. Alternative options include a series of open-air, smaller events to replace the one large indoor event, hybrid events where a select number of guests can attend a socially-distanced event while others tune in virtually with their own “event in a box” at hand. To host a larger event, a gathering can be hosted outdoors where guests can enter via several entrances, sit in socially distanced areas and enjoy the same entertainment. If a virtual event is the only option due to government restrictions, event planners will have to develop an interactive piece that guests will receive at their home and engage with throughout the virtual experience. As social distancing and circumstances evolve, event planners will be challenged to produce safe and engaging events that drive effective fundraising.

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