By Eduardo A. Hapke and Sebastian Marin, Negocios Magazine

Miami, FL., November 7, 2023. Jose “Pepe” Dans was born in New Jersey to Cuban parents who immigrated in pursuit of a fresh start. The Dans family soon settled in Miami when Jose was just a child, and it was here that he grew up. He graduated from Christopher Columbus High School in Westchester, which gave him the educational foundation that would propel him into a successful career in the world of media and communications. 

His career began while he was still at Columbus High, selling advertisements for a classified ad newspaper. Over time, he climbed his way through the media industry, working at several notable publications. Eventually, he made the leap into television, where he became part of the sales team of WAMI-Channel 69, and later at WFLX, the FOX affiliate in West Palm Beach. By his mid-thirties, he was the head of sales for the Univision Network. However, in 2005, Jose Dans left it all behind to pursue his dream and founded his own agency “WOW Factor.” Despite having just a handful of employees at the beginning, they had big aspirations, unwavering passion, and a deep-seated faith in their mission. WOW Factor rose as a prominent force in the South Florida marketing landscape over time and evolved into WOW MKTG.

In the span of 18 years, the agency has undergone an astonishing transformation from a modest startup to a multi-million-dollar enterprise. This year, the company is projected to surpass $60 million in ad spend. The extraordinary growth has led WOW MKTG to the hiring of over 80 employees, a workforce carefully selected by Jose Dans himself, according to their skills and experience.

Negocios Magazine had the privilege of conducting an exclusive interview with this outstanding Hispanic businessman. Read More (Article In Spanish)

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