Helping Employees Navigate the “New Normal”

By Dayi Melo, Human Resources Manager

With the ever-changing environment caused by many employees working from home, companies are learning how to effectively adapt their business to social distancing practices. Now more than ever, I feel challenged to think differently about how I can help employees in my role as a Human Resources Manager. One way I offer support is by advising the team to create a routine similar to the one they had when we were in the office. Wake up, grab a “contactless” coffee, get dressed for work, and settle into a makeshift desk or another space that fosters focus and creative thinking. Adjusting to a new normal is all about trial and error and learning along the way. Employees should also consider how they can be the most help to their colleagues and what they can learn to delegate to their team. What makes a great team member is being able to tackle change by contributing individual strengths and perspectives to the group effort.

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