Growing demand for human connection drives an increase in hybrid events

By Alejandra Laitano, Event Manager

The basis of the events industry is bringing people together. Our main goals are to celebrate, educate, and provide a platform for our clients to reach their audience and share their mission. That’s why we’re so grateful to see the events we all love making a comeback in a new way — just in time for the holidays. To make this happen, thinking outside the box has become OUR new normal. Our team has innovatively transitioned events in two unique styles. The first being a completely virtual experience and the other a well-planned, socially-distant drive-thru event. The drive-thru experiences have produced a great turnout. While at these events, it was obvious to me that people have missed gathering and celebrating together — even if at a distance now.

Our client partners received great community support and engagement, with many guests at the drive-thru events hanging out to continue their socializing. The overall feedback was resoundingly positive and it left each guest asking for more hybrid events that are safely planned. We saw it firsthand, there are many people that want to come to an event, socialize and reconnect. If properly planned with safety protocols in place, we can successfully offer hybrid events to customers and the community in a non-traditional way.

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