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Creating the Layout

Transforming how we think, interact, and experience art, Superblue has redefined immersive art experiences. With installations from prominent artists like James Turrell, teamLab, and Es Devlin, Superblue is reimagining art in a family-friendly atmosphere complete with guided tour add-ons to experience the venue in an intimate way, a grand event space, and sensory-friendly sessions for everyone to enjoy.

Installation in Process

Before partnering with WOW MKTG at the end of 2021, Superblue had no current paid media in market. Valuing the importance of a local agency to promote a local brand, WOW MKTG saw an opportunity to leverage various channels to help the immersive art experience increase brand awareness across the South Florida market and boost ticket sales throughout the year. In order to appeal and showcase all that Superblue has to offer, our digital media department devised a robust, strategic plan focusing on dynamic awareness, conversions, and search engine marketing to achieve their goals.

Testing a New Palette of Possibilities

To reintroduce digital media to the Superblue marketing mix, the WOW MKTG team began running campaigns focused on brand awareness across the Meta networks, Google, and TikTok. To highlight each of the brand's verticals offered to guests, dynamic, static and video assets were rotated to keep content and messaging fresh and new.

In March of 2023, the venue was recognized as an Autism Friendly Partner by the University of Miami-Nova Southeastern Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (UM-NSU CARD). The program supports and welcomes guests who are neurodiverse, have sensory input disorders, sensory sensitivities, or other physical, cognitive, or developmental disabilities to experience the art center in a quiet, comfortable and modified environment. To increase recognition about the program, the WOW MKTG team ran a digital campaign aimed at awareness through maximizing reach. The sensory-friendly campaign garnered over 580,000 impressions and reached more than 194,000 people online.

WOW MKTG's overall campaign yielded unprecedented success, with a remarkable 115% increase in year-to-year ticket sales from 2022 to 2023.




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