// NCL - SoBeWFF

Setting Sail

Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL), a renowned leader in the cruise industry, partnered with WOW MKTG to maximize a significant opportunity to showcase its brand at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival (SOBEWFF). NCL is internationally recognized for its exceptional experiences at sea, with a particular emphasis on its food quality and culinary excellence. This commitment to delectable cuisine is a distinguishing advantage for NCL when compared to other cruise line brands so showcasing this differentiator at SOBEWFF was a way to reach potential new customers. WOW's experiential marketing team wanted to magnify this unique differentiator couched within the dynamic backdrop of one of South Florida's most extravagant and influential gastronomy events. After a full immersion into NCL's brand and passenger experiences, the agency took on the task of conceptualizing and designing the footprint for NCL's brand activation, serving as leads in all communication between the festival, catering, production crew and brand ambassadors.

Navigating the Experience

The WOW MKTG team drew inspiration from Norwegian Cruise's interior design and recreated the decor and atmosphere of their ships, even creating an interactive photo booth that resembled the fun in the onboard waterslides. The agency focused on showcasing the culinary distinction by creating an immersive experience. Guests were genuinely delighted by the tastings, which featured actual menu items from NCL's top restaurants. To further captivate them, WOW provided QR codes for them to scan with recipes of these succulent dishes they were tasting. The idea was to challenge the status quo by creating an extravagant and memorable brand experience at the festival. The structure that WOW had built featured two curved LED screens serving as the backdrop for the food display and distribution area, ensuring the brand stood out in a sea of competitors.

Cruising To Success

The creative and transformational activation contributed to a noticeable increase in brand awareness and engagement. Moreover, NCL was the only cruise line participating in the SOBEWFF, which predominantly features beverage and restaurant brands. This exclusivity translated into a heightened visibility for NCL. Attendees were not only exposed to their outstanding cuisine but got to experience the essence of a Norwegian cruise right at the festival. The innovative approach elevated the brand's presence, transcending expectations and solidifying their positioning as a unique and unforgettable cruise experience provider in the hearts and minds of all who attended.


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