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The Order

Renowned food delivery and tech giant, DoorDash, serving over 32 million users annually, faced a significant challenge. Hoping to boost their market share and brand recognition in South Florida, where the competition was fierce, and consumer preferences were evolving rapidly, they contacted WOW MKTG for help. The Agency developed an innovative approach to make DoorDash stand out and win the trust of existing, new and former customers. The year-long campaign focused on increasing customer acquisitions, embedding the brand in the local culture, and highlighting its unique value propositions.
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The Pickup

The multifaceted approach harnessed the power of influencer marketing and paid social campaigns to engage with consumers in Tampa, Orlando, and Miami. Leveraging a diverse group of lifestyle, foodie, comedy, and pet influencers, the campaign was tailored to resonate with distinct audience segments. Lifestyle influencers were enlisted to promote DoorDash's monthly subscription service, DashPass, and the additional delivery options available on the app, such as groceries, flowers, alcohol, makeup, and more. Foodie influencers played a pivotal role throughout the campaign, highlighting DoorDash's primary food delivery service. They created content showcasing various merchants and promotions that users could enjoy on the app. Comedy influencers were tasked with creating content centered around the brand, focusing on shared user experiences with DoorDash and connecting with the audience in a relatable, familial manner. Pet influencers concentrated on raising awareness of the partnership between the brand and PetSmart. Many pet owners were unaware of this service, and they were pleasantly surprised to discover they could order food, treats, medicine, and more from the comfort of their own homes.

The Delivery

To ensure sustained success, WOW MKTG strategically utilized a spectrum of services. Communication & content played a crucial role in overseeing and managing key influencers. Reporting & analytics equipped our team with the essential tools to analyze data and generate quarterly reports. As the campaign progressed, we introduced interactive and creative services to support the launch of paid digital media efforts, further enhancing the overall objectives. The campaign achieved remarkable engagement rates throughout the year, with an impressive cumulative average of 15%, contributing significantly to DoorDash's reported boost in brand awareness, and underscoring the notion that influencer marketing, in conjunction with strategic paid elements, is a potent catalyst for achieving exceptional results in today's digital landscape.


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