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It Takes a Village

Chapman Partnership has a long-standing reputation for helping Miami’s homeless population get off the streets and back on their feet. With growing homelessness rates and limited funds, how would the organization recruit the community to help support its efforts to impact those in need?

Make Giving Easy

WOW MKTG was ready to help. We were faced with the task of shedding light on Chapman Partnership’s impact and invite the community to support this worthwhile local cause. To make it simple to get involved, we helped build out a "text-to-donate" campaign.

We created a campaign landing page and used an integrated mix of traditional and digital media to drive awareness and donations. We complemented ad spend with direct mail, email marketing, social media efforts, and earned media relations. We developed a series of short videos to engage audiences online and encourage them to donate.

Compassion in Action

In January 2018, the campaign took flight and raised more than $100,000 in its first 90 days. The effort brought in support from several first-time donors and positively impacted Chapman’s fundraising goals for the year. Aside from the tangible impact of the donations, we also helped to boost Chapman Partnership’s perception in the community and amplify their messaging in new, non-traditional ways.


donations in first 90 days.


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